Cerritos Library

Flower fountain outside of the library.

Book bench outside of Cerritos Library.
Blown glass INSIDE of the library.
Hey bloggers! Yesterday I went to the Cerritos library with my family. And all I have to say is that it was the most AMAZING library that I have ever been to in my life!!!! It is gigantic, has a fantastic children's books section, reading room, a multitude of computer labs, young adult section, and adult section. This might sound like a regular library to you, but boy, it's not!! Inside of the Children's Library section, there is a a real T. Rex skeleton that was actually excavated!! This library is not one level. An escalator takes you to the second floor. There is a HUGE aquarium tank in the children's section that any kid would love! In the library, the books are sorted by genre and the last name of the author. The selection of the books that they have there are great. They had all of my favorites. Click HERE to view pictures of the inside of the library. It is definitely worth a visit to. Once I got in, I didn't want to leave! It was incredible!!!!!!! Outside of the huge library is a book bench! Haha! Above is a picture that I took of it. It is such a creative idea! There is also a beautiful flower fountain next to the book bench. Inside of the library there is a wall of blown glass into extraordinary shapes! It is really beautiful!! Cerritos Library is the best library that I have ever been to! It is fantastic!!!!!!!!!! Happy reading!