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Hey readers! Guess what. I have become obsessive with Sarah Dessen. Though I am in the midst of reading my second book by her, I have already fallen in love with her writing. I like to think of her as a friendship-book-author. She writes many stories about friendship, and all the twists and turns it can take over time. Dessen has a very distinct style of writing. It's almost as if she experienced what the characters did. She writes so smoothly and so realistically even though it is fiction. Here are all of her books.
The Truth About Forever


Keeping the Moon
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Just Listen

This Lullaby

That Summer

Someone Like You
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Lock and Key

Along for the Ride
(Sarah's most recent book, released in June of 2009.)

I really encourage anyone to check out her books. Dessen is a New York Times best-selling author with a wonderful talent. Click on any of the captions under the book photos to buy that book on Amazon! Happy reading! 
Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen

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  1. Interesting author! Today she was featured on Twitter homepage (bottom).

  2. Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen is a phenomenal book. Colie Sparks is an insecure high school student who is haunted by her grotesque past. When her mother, fitness extraordinaire, Kiki Sparks sends her to live with her aunt, Mira, for the summer. Colie expects to dread this upcoming summer as it stretches before her. But when she meets Morgan and Isabel, two waitresses working at a diner called, Last Chance, she realizes her true self and what she's worth. In the end, self respect is worth everything. If other people believe in you, it will soon travel back to you and you'll soon believe yourself.